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The Equality Project

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..

The increasing social, political, economical and gender gaps across the world is thought provoking. Unfortunately, the division among people within and without the same boundaries is now affecting human lives far more intensely. We are told that we are free, but how much of that freedom belongs to us? Freedom in this sense is like capitalism, we feel we have a choice but choices for us are made by people in high chambers. Equality is another notion that is a far fetched thought. The world is in a huge chaos, and we seem to be fine with that.

The Equality Project will focus on highlighting these inequalities around the world. The project will always be open source so that everyone who wishes to contribute can be a part of it. The data on the website was extracted from various open source datasets like Wikipedia and United Nations data.

Website - https://equality.website
GitHub - https://github.com/surbhioberoi/The-Equality-Project